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duscreenshotPerforming Arts Factory, Dance Unlimited and Other Voices Theatre

The Performing Arts Factory is a company in Frederick, MD that’s houses two distinct entities; a dance school and a theatre. When I was first approached to redesign the website for the Performing Arts Factory, it was to incorporate their many identities into a single website.

So we set about doing just that. After several meetings and back and forth on how to incorporate everything under one umbrella, we came to the conclusion that there was just too much information for one site. Not only that, the audience for each entity was very different; the contributed income aspect needed to be separate and distinct as well. Therefore, we needed to split it up.

We created was three different places on the web. A simple “cover page” that maintained their identity as the Performing Arts Factory, Dance Unlimited showcasing all the classes and activities they have to offer, and Other Voices Theatre which provided information on upcoming performances for both their Main Stage and Children’s Theatre performances.

Incorporating their brand colors – red, white and black – we were able to maintain their “look” that has been a part of their brand for 25+years. The site is now has well organized and easy to find content that incorporates class registrations and donation forms.

Building the two main sites on WordPress allows them to easily make updates to either site from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

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